The Dudes In A Room

The Dudes In A Room
Chris, Mike, Joey and Teddy

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

#114: Life Lessons Featuring Celebrity Trainer Vinnie Tortorich

DIAR Episode #114
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Celebrity Trainer, author, and ultra athlete Vinnie Tortorich calls in for a chat in this episode. His dad, Cy, also checks in for a while during the podcast. Much of the conversation centers on life lessons. For more on Vinnie, check out his web site at Also look for his company Pure Vitamin Club, which delivers high-quality vitamins without any of the typical junk found in some other products on the market.

#113: Calling Tallahassee, Louisiana Weather & Coffee Benefits

DIAR Episode #113
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The dudes return after an absence from podcasting. Joey calls in from Tallahassee, Florida via Skype. Early on, they talk about the third regular on the show, Chris, and how cryptic he can be sometimes. The guys do a recreation of a conversation with Chris about his trip to Las Vegas. Joey shares his reaction to Tallahassee, comparing it to Baton Rouge (both are state capitals and both are home to major universities). The dudes then talk about the beaches along the northwestern shore of Florida. Joey recounts his visit to St. George Island. Is it truly one of the best-kept secret beaches in Florida? They compare it to Pensacola and Destin area beaches. Later, Mike describes the wild weather that tore through Louisiana earlier in the day. Eventually, they turn to the Dudes In A Room Facebook page (, where interesting articles are posted, and often discussed on the podcast. The guys chat about an article touting the benefits of coffee (as if they needed any more reasons). The conversation then turns to stores like Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx. Later, they talk about the rise and fall of compact disks.

#112: Food From 50 States, Best Selling Albums, Video Games

DIAR Episode #112
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Get ready for a jam-packed two-hour super show. The podcast kicks offf with the pre-show preshow, then the pre-show, and finally, the show. After a false start, the episode gets off and rolling. During the meandering intro, the guys discuss WorldStarHipHop. This one officially launches with some Elvis Costello. Eventually, they get into one of the main topic's of this episode: food. They go over an article featuring the top dishes from all 50 states in the nation. Much of the conversation centers on Louisiana cuisine (jambalaya, pralines, beignets, crawfish, etc.). Mike explains why he doesn't like seafood, which is the same reason he doesn't like celery...the taste! Later, the dudes chat about the best-selling albums in music history. They also talk about vehicles that will be discontinued. Eventually, they get into a conversation about video games history. They close out with Dance Gavin Dance.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

#111: Athletics And Academic Institutions

DIAR Episode #111
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The dudes discuss the controversy over academics and amateur sports. The show opens with the Neil Young classic Ohio. They close out with a tribute to Joni Mitchell and Big Yellow Taxi.

#110: Illusion of Safety, Sexist Traditions, and Cute Puppies

DIAR Episode #110
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This episode begins with an interesting cover by John Mayer of Beyonce's XO. The dudes talk about social media. They discuss Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. The guys eventually move on to the illusion of safety. This leads to a conversation about the concept of incarceration. Eventually, it leads to talk of psychology. Later, the dudes go over a few articles culled from around the Internet. They go over movies that even the stars disliked. Another news story focused on former UNC coach Dean Smith. They also talk about the idea of taxpayers footing the bill for sports complexes, and professional sports teams' cheerleaders/dancers. Eventually, they get to private information leaking to jerks. The show ends with the sounds of the bird and the bee.

#109: Movie Review Round-Up-Arama

DIAR Episode #109
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Mike and Joey dedicate this episode to reviewing new shows, and a couple new-ish movies. Joey starts by heaping praise upon The Last Man on Earth, then Better Call Saul. Then the guys analyze the movies American Sniper and Whiplash respectively. Also listen in for our thoughts on podcast advertising and monetizing.

#108: Return of Chris, Tool, and Math

DIAR Episode #108
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He's back. Chris returns after a long absence. Early on in this podcast, the dudes talk about the 1990s sitcom Friends. Chris recalls his 10x0 theorum. Eventually, they get into a conversation about the band Tool. Topics arise such as Netflix and the difficulty of passing college math classes. That leads to more talk of college, jobs, and nepotism. The show closes out with criticism of small-time sports announcers.

#107: Truffle Butter vs. Honkey Cat

DIAR Episode #107
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We've gone from I Want To Hold Your Hand to Baby Got Back. What do we have now? Truffle Butter. With Nikki Minaj trading on her ass, is there no depth too low? The dudes eventually get into a conversation on music from then to now. Later, they talk about Seinfeld, an island filled with cats, and an MLB hot prospect living in a VW van. The guys also call out the guy who claimed to have hooked up with over 100 women through a flyer.