The Dudes In A Room

The Dudes In A Room
Chris, Mike, Joey and Teddy

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#104: Mardi Gras, Yoga Pants, and Handicap Spaces

DIAR Episode #104
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It's Mardi Gras Mambo time in Louisiana. The dudes aren't exactly enthused by the traffic and drunkards that come with this time of year. They talk about everything from parades to king cakes. In the news, the guys put in their two cents over a Montana legislator who wants to make yoga pants illegal. They also chat about a douche who parks a fancy car in a handicap spot, and a controversial flier for use in DUI checkpoints.

#103: Grammy Awards Show Review (Kanye West, Beck, and Sam Smith)

DIAR Episode #103
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The dudes rant and rave about the 2015 Grammy Awards Show. They delve deeper into the headlines revolving around Kanye West dissing Beck in favor of Beyonce. Take a listen as the guys comb over the state of pop music these days.

#102: U2, 90s Music, and Vaccine Myths

DIAR Episode #102
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The dudes are back at it with some early 90s music. They kick off with Stay, a U2 classic cut. Later, they go over other tunes from that era, particularly 1993. Anybody remember Snow's Informer? Good times. The topic eventually turns to the hot-button issue of vaccines. Should we listen to doctors or aging former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy? The guys go over a few of the biggest myths tied to vaccination, courtesy of CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Delving in deeper, they play a clip of Bill Maher from HBO Real Time as he explains that he doesn't believe in vaccines to guest Bill Frist.

#101: Super Bowl Shuffle, Vaccine Nuts, Oregon College Girl Shoots Library Porn

DIAR Episode #101
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We're down to one dude in this one. Mike is riding solo once again. Take a look back at the Super Bowl as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots snatched victory from the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. Listen to Mike's take on the controversial call that led to Russell Wilson throwing a game-clinching interception. The play sent Pete Carroll and the boys back to the Pacific Northwest as runners-up in the big show. How do you not give the rock to Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch in that situation? Also included in the Super Sunday talk are the commercials and Katy Perry performing along with Missy Eliot at halftime. Later, vaccine truthers are all over the headlines. Do they have science on their side or are they just nutcases who are bringing back long-forgotten diseases? Then, get a load of this story out of Oregon... A 19-year-old college student, Kendra Sunderland, was busted for making a porn video on her webcam inside the university library. Of course, Huffington Post has the scoop, and a classic zinger to tie up the story.

#100: I've Watched A Lot Of Gilmore Girls, So... (Bed and Breakfasts, Couchsurfing, and Car Sharing)

DIAR Episode #100
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Take a listen to our 100th show! This episode tears into some old-school SOAD (also known as System of a Down), and wraps with a bit of Radiohead. The early conversation turns to the early days of computing, as the Internet launched into popularity. Who remembers the days of DOS and Oregon Trail? The dudes lived it. Eventually, they get into the stereotypes of the South as being backward. The talk then turns to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and his not-so-subtle prayer rally that smelled more like a political rally. Later, the dudes chat about the growing world of sharing through online resources like apps. They talk about Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and Couchsurfing as ways people connect for use of cars and lodging. Is it safe to deal with strangers from the Internet? Well, it's not like we haven't been dealing with strangers every day anyhow. How are sites like Craiglist any different? Calling a taxi cab, eating at a restaurant, or staying at a hotel are all similar activites that we don't give a second thought.

#099: MLK legacy, Seattle Seahawks tweet, and Mike Ditka comments

DIAR Episode #099
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The dudes kick off with Deep Sleep by The Menzingers. This episode also closes with chat about Farmhouse by Phish. Early on, they dig into the top podcasts out there. Later, they discuss adults of today compared to previous generations. Are adults these days just grown up kids? That leads to a conversation about the quality of fast food restaurants. Roughly midway through the show, the dudes go over some news. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they discuss a Huffington Post article about what Dr. King would be concerned with if he were with us today. The dudes also delve into an MLK tweet sent out by the Seattle Seahawks organization. Also, they chat about legendary coach Mike Ditka's comments about football.

#098: So Much Better Than 'The Talk'

DIAR Episode #098
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The dudes launch into this episode with a trippy version of the Kelis classic "Milkshake," as in "brings all the boys to the yard." This one is jam-packed with topics. They rant about Jennifer Lawrence and her newfound "singing" career. Has she given us the modern-day "Tom's Diner?" Hang in there for a rant on TV's worst show, The Talk. News articles include cheap oil, smaller soda, and whistleblowers. The dudes also give their take on Adam Carolla letting go side-kick Alison Rosen. They eventually get into all of the online scams out there. Stay tuned until the end to catch the Internet dating phone call from hell.