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The Dudes In A Room
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thrift Trader #005 (Special Edition) - Selling Local Items, Hustling Craigslist, What Sells On Ebay

Thrift Trader Podcast Episode #005
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The guys talk about the mindset of living a frugal lifestyle. Is it a good idea to go out and buy a new printer, or find other options to save money? They also get into hustling work on sites like Craigslist. The guys relate it to jobs such as photographer. Eventually, they get into Generation Y. When it comes to selling, local items have been doing well. They also talk about selling well-known logo clothing. Toward the end, they chat about the customer service at places like Trader Joe's versus Wal-Mart. Naturally, the podcast ends with the Biz Markie classic "Just A Friend."

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thrift Trader #004 (Special Edition) - The Fast-Paced, Lucrative World of Online Selling

Thrift Trader Podcast Episode #004
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The guys return with another Thrift Trader episode. Early on, they discuss the seed of selling through online platforms like eBay. While it's not exactly a fast-paced, lucrative world, it is in a budding stage. With time, effort, and quality service, any business venture can work. Eventually, they turn to the various rules and regulations (or lack thereof) of thrift stores. The conversation turns to the pricing differences at stores. Later, Mike and Joey delve into the so-called candle saga. For the first time, they deal with a return. Also, the guys discuss the kinds of items that are eye-catchers. They then go over recent items that sold on eBay. Late in the show, the guys talk about their growing inventory and the space available in their "eBay room."

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thrift Trader #002 (Special Edition) - It's Not About Being Rich, It's About Success

Thrift Trader Podcast Episode #002
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This second episode of the Thrift Trader podcast, a special edition on the Dudes In A Room network, begins with lots of chatting. If you're looking for strictly "thrift trader" talk, you might want to fast-forward an hour into the show. The first hour of the podcast includes an array of topics, such as 80s shows like Full House and Family Matters. They also chat about classic rock songs that never go away. The guys plug the Wrestling Ruined My Life podcast, another production on the DIAR network. Just after the hour mark, they delve into thrifting and selling online. Early on, they talk about buying and selling video games. They eventually get into items that aren't worth dealing with on eBay.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thrift Trader (Special Edition) - Intro to Scavenging and Reselling Online

Thrift Trader Podcast Episode #001
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Welcome to the Thrift Trader podcast, a new venture to the Dudes In A Room network of podcasts. Early in the epdisode, Mike and Joey talk about the genesis of Thrift Trader. They talk about the variety of approaches to buying and selling online through platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and others. They discuss such topics as retail arbitrage, thrift shopping, item value, etc. Mike tells of his start with listing and selling online. Over time, eBay became his go-to outlet. They get into a conversation about finding the time to go out and buy stock. Mike delves into his perspective of the "fast nickel or slow dime" selling mindset. The guys compare online seller sourcing to how a large corporation like Wal-Mart sources items like bottled water. Later, they discuss a couple vintage finds: a 1985 Muppet Babies Rowlf and a 1986 World Exposition trucker hat. That leads to a conversation about selling clothes to men versus women. They also compare and contrast big-city people to country folks when it comes to buying habits.

Wrestling Ruined My Life (Special Edition) - Luke and Chris Introduction

DIAR Episode: Wrestling Ruined My Life
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Love wrestling talk? You're in the right place. Chris and Luke introduce themselves to the Dudes In A Room podcast network. This episode represents their first foray into podcasting on the topic of wrestling. As friends for many years, the guys talk about their history as wrestling enthusiasts.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dudes In A Room: Review of Maximo: Ghosts to Glory PlayStation 2 video game

#123: New Ventures, Bernie Sanders Rally Uproar, and Cover Songs

DIAR Episode #123
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The dudes launch into the show with a punk cover of Since You've Been Gone. Early on, they announce some of their new ventures on the horizon. The dudes look to expand more into the video realm. Joey will delve into the video game world with his clips. Later, they talk about presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who was forced to step aside at his own rally in Seattle due to protesters. The guys also go over lists of the most liberal cities, and favorite music artists by state. The show closes out with more cover songs, complete with commentary.

#122: Comedy, Selling on eBay, and New Music

DIAR Episode #122
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The guys kick off this show paying homage to Jim Gaffigan's unofficial theme song. They talk about comedians off the top, including Todd Barry. The conversation eventually turns to presidential candidate Donald Trump. They talk about how jobs may appear easy from the outsider's view, but really aren't. The topic then turns to selling items online through eBay. The conversation includes Joey's big sale of a collectible pen that he won in a contest. They chat extensively about buying and selling through the Internet. Toward the end, they delve into the new music scene, commenting over a few clips.

#121: It Works For Them...Until It Doesn't

DIAR Episode #121
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The dudes launch this episode talking about modern rock. They also discuss how Garth Brooks can still draw fans to concerts after so many years. The conversation turns to the eggshells so many people walk on through life.

#120: Cooking, Psychopaths, and Beatles Songs

DIAR Episode #120
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The guys talk about RVs early in this episode. They eventually get into cooking versus eating at restaurants. Later, they go over posts from the Dudes In A Room Facebook page, including the lovely weather woman Yanet Garcia. They also go over professions chock-a-block with psychopaths, the NFL going without helmets, the horros of fast food joints, and skippable Beatles songs.

#119: Music, Movies, and Politically Correct Culture

DIAR Episode #119
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The dudes kick off the episode with a classic Pretenders tune, prompting a conversation about real music. Eventually, they get into movie talk. The dudes chat about a variety of movies from over the years, and a few modern flicks. Later, the conversation turns to the debate over politically correct culture. The show ends with a Nirvana cover.

#118:Current State Of Music, Caitlyn Jenner, and Rachel Dolezal

DIAR Episode #118
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The dudes launch into this podcast with the sounds of Swervedriver, an English alternative rock band. That sends the guys into a conversation about the current state of modern rock music. They also get into the country music scene. The latest from Keith Urban comes up, as well as Steve Tyler's venture into country. Eventually, they stumble on the lovely Kacey Musgraves. The podcast then turns to some of the top news topics: Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal, and police issues.

#117: I Don't Know How Anybody Does Anything

DIAR Episode #117
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This podcast kicks off with a classic rocker from Yes. Joey is back from Florida. Mike and Joey get right back into their free-form podcasting style. Later, they cover articles from the Dudes In A Room Facebook page.

#116: Memorial Day, News, NFL uniform changes

DIAR Episode #116
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The dudes return for a Memorial Day weekend show featuring Chris and Mike. Off the top of the show, they observe a moment of silence. Chris goes over some interesting information about the Memorial Day observance. The guys discuss a few recent news stories. At about the hour mark, they talk about name-brand hats. Toward the end, the guys talk about the changes over the years to NFL uniforms.

#115: You're Cutting Out A Little Bit

DIAR Episode #115
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The dudes are back with a fresh podcast. This episode kicks off with calming sounds of Passenger's Rolling Stone. After literally talking about the weather, Skype displays precisely how awesome it can be. Was it Skype or was it Internet connection issues? That sends the guys down memory lane, recalling the days of downloading a jpeg of Carmen Electra. Eventually, they just break down and go for the traditional phone call. They propose creating an app to simulate the slow Internet speeds they grew up fighting in the 1990s. The guys chat about life in Florida versus Louisiana. The conversation then turns to Bill Maher's HBO show Real Time. They discuss the infamous trading of barbs between Sam Harris and Ben Affleck. Later, the guys give their opinions of the plan to change the rules for extra points in the NFL. They recall the miracle finish that wasn't for the New Orleans Saints against the Jacksonville Jaguars back in 2003. After an improbable lateral-filled touchdown, the game-tying extra point sailed wide, giving the Jaguars the win (YouTube:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

#114: Life Lessons Featuring Celebrity Trainer Vinnie Tortorich

DIAR Episode #114
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Celebrity Trainer, author, and ultra athlete Vinnie Tortorich calls in for a chat in this episode. His dad, Cy, also checks in for a while during the podcast. Much of the conversation centers on life lessons. For more on Vinnie, check out his web site at Also look for his company Pure Vitamin Club, which delivers high-quality vitamins without any of the typical junk found in some other products on the market.

#113: Calling Tallahassee, Louisiana Weather & Coffee Benefits

DIAR Episode #113
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The dudes return after an absence from podcasting. Joey calls in from Tallahassee, Florida via Skype. Early on, they talk about the third regular on the show, Chris, and how cryptic he can be sometimes. The guys do a recreation of a conversation with Chris about his trip to Las Vegas. Joey shares his reaction to Tallahassee, comparing it to Baton Rouge (both are state capitals and both are home to major universities). The dudes then talk about the beaches along the northwestern shore of Florida. Joey recounts his visit to St. George Island. Is it truly one of the best-kept secret beaches in Florida? They compare it to Pensacola and Destin area beaches. Later, Mike describes the wild weather that tore through Louisiana earlier in the day. Eventually, they turn to the Dudes In A Room Facebook page (, where interesting articles are posted, and often discussed on the podcast. The guys chat about an article touting the benefits of coffee (as if they needed any more reasons). The conversation then turns to stores like Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx. Later, they talk about the rise and fall of compact disks.

#112: Food From 50 States, Best Selling Albums, Video Games

DIAR Episode #112
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Get ready for a jam-packed two-hour super show. The podcast kicks offf with the pre-show preshow, then the pre-show, and finally, the show. After a false start, the episode gets off and rolling. During the meandering intro, the guys discuss WorldStarHipHop. This one officially launches with some Elvis Costello. Eventually, they get into one of the main topic's of this episode: food. They go over an article featuring the top dishes from all 50 states in the nation. Much of the conversation centers on Louisiana cuisine (jambalaya, pralines, beignets, crawfish, etc.). Mike explains why he doesn't like seafood, which is the same reason he doesn't like celery...the taste! Later, the dudes chat about the best-selling albums in music history. They also talk about vehicles that will be discontinued. Eventually, they get into a conversation about video games history. They close out with Dance Gavin Dance.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

#111: Athletics And Academic Institutions

DIAR Episode #111
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The dudes discuss the controversy over academics and amateur sports. The show opens with the Neil Young classic Ohio. They close out with a tribute to Joni Mitchell and Big Yellow Taxi.

#110: Illusion of Safety, Sexist Traditions, and Cute Puppies

DIAR Episode #110
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This episode begins with an interesting cover by John Mayer of Beyonce's XO. The dudes talk about social media. They discuss Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. The guys eventually move on to the illusion of safety. This leads to a conversation about the concept of incarceration. Eventually, it leads to talk of psychology. Later, the dudes go over a few articles culled from around the Internet. They go over movies that even the stars disliked. Another news story focused on former UNC coach Dean Smith. They also talk about the idea of taxpayers footing the bill for sports complexes, and professional sports teams' cheerleaders/dancers. Eventually, they get to private information leaking to jerks. The show ends with the sounds of the bird and the bee.

#109: Movie Review Round-Up-Arama

DIAR Episode #109
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Mike and Joey dedicate this episode to reviewing new shows, and a couple new-ish movies. Joey starts by heaping praise upon The Last Man on Earth, then Better Call Saul. Then the guys analyze the movies American Sniper and Whiplash respectively. Also listen in for our thoughts on podcast advertising and monetizing.

#108: Return of Chris, Tool, and Math

DIAR Episode #108
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He's back. Chris returns after a long absence. Early on in this podcast, the dudes talk about the 1990s sitcom Friends. Chris recalls his 10x0 theorum. Eventually, they get into a conversation about the band Tool. Topics arise such as Netflix and the difficulty of passing college math classes. That leads to more talk of college, jobs, and nepotism. The show closes out with criticism of small-time sports announcers.

#107: Truffle Butter vs. Honkey Cat

DIAR Episode #107
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We've gone from I Want To Hold Your Hand to Baby Got Back. What do we have now? Truffle Butter. With Nikki Minaj trading on her ass, is there no depth too low? The dudes eventually get into a conversation on music from then to now. Later, they talk about Seinfeld, an island filled with cats, and an MLB hot prospect living in a VW van. The guys also call out the guy who claimed to have hooked up with over 100 women through a flyer.

Monday, March 9, 2015

#106: Tech Talk (Internet Then And Now)

DIAR Episode #106
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The dudes take a look back on the old days, and compare to the modern era. They discuss the changes with the Internet over the last couple of decades. The chatter breaks up for commercials featuring the hot redhead from the Wendy's commercials and Kate Upton in the Game of War ads. When they get back to the technology discussion, they talk about how music records and cassettes turned to CDs, and eventually MP3s. The conversation eventually gets into movies, such as the Lord of the Rings saga. The podcast wraps with some tunes from the Black Keys.

#105: The Apocalypse We Don't Believe In

DIAR Episode #105
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Early in this episode, the dudes talk about hipster stuff. Hang in there for an iPhone photography pro tip. The guys also chat about the Overnighters, a documentary on the North Dakota oil boom. Later, they talk about the glorious Hastings. The show wraps up with a discussion on poor decisions people make.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#104: Mardi Gras, Yoga Pants, and Handicap Spaces

DIAR Episode #104
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It's Mardi Gras Mambo time in Louisiana. The dudes aren't exactly enthused by the traffic and drunkards that come with this time of year. They talk about everything from parades to king cakes. In the news, the guys put in their two cents over a Montana legislator who wants to make yoga pants illegal. They also chat about a douche who parks a fancy car in a handicap spot, and a controversial flier for use in DUI checkpoints.

#103: Grammy Awards Show Review (Kanye West, Beck, and Sam Smith)

DIAR Episode #103
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The dudes rant and rave about the 2015 Grammy Awards Show. They delve deeper into the headlines revolving around Kanye West dissing Beck in favor of Beyonce. Take a listen as the guys comb over the state of pop music these days.

#102: U2, 90s Music, and Vaccine Myths

DIAR Episode #102
Download MP3 here

The dudes are back at it with some early 90s music. They kick off with Stay, a U2 classic cut. Later, they go over other tunes from that era, particularly 1993. Anybody remember Snow's Informer? Good times. The topic eventually turns to the hot-button issue of vaccines. Should we listen to doctors or aging former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy? The guys go over a few of the biggest myths tied to vaccination, courtesy of CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Delving in deeper, they play a clip of Bill Maher from HBO Real Time as he explains that he doesn't believe in vaccines to guest Bill Frist.

#101: Super Bowl Shuffle, Vaccine Nuts, Oregon College Girl Shoots Library Porn

DIAR Episode #101
Download MP3 here

We're down to one dude in this one. Mike is riding solo once again. Take a look back at the Super Bowl as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots snatched victory from the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. Listen to Mike's take on the controversial call that led to Russell Wilson throwing a game-clinching interception. The play sent Pete Carroll and the boys back to the Pacific Northwest as runners-up in the big show. How do you not give the rock to Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch in that situation? Also included in the Super Sunday talk are the commercials and Katy Perry performing along with Missy Eliot at halftime. Later, vaccine truthers are all over the headlines. Do they have science on their side or are they just nutcases who are bringing back long-forgotten diseases? Then, get a load of this story out of Oregon... A 19-year-old college student, Kendra Sunderland, was busted for making a porn video on her webcam inside the university library. Of course, Huffington Post has the scoop, and a classic zinger to tie up the story.

#100: I've Watched A Lot Of Gilmore Girls, So... (Bed and Breakfasts, Couchsurfing, and Car Sharing)

DIAR Episode #100
Download MP3 here

Take a listen to our 100th show! This episode tears into some old-school SOAD (also known as System of a Down), and wraps with a bit of Radiohead. The early conversation turns to the early days of computing, as the Internet launched into popularity. Who remembers the days of DOS and Oregon Trail? The dudes lived it. Eventually, they get into the stereotypes of the South as being backward. The talk then turns to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and his not-so-subtle prayer rally that smelled more like a political rally. Later, the dudes chat about the growing world of sharing through online resources like apps. They talk about Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and Couchsurfing as ways people connect for use of cars and lodging. Is it safe to deal with strangers from the Internet? Well, it's not like we haven't been dealing with strangers every day anyhow. How are sites like Craiglist any different? Calling a taxi cab, eating at a restaurant, or staying at a hotel are all similar activites that we don't give a second thought.

#099: MLK legacy, Seattle Seahawks tweet, and Mike Ditka comments

DIAR Episode #099
Download MP3 here

The dudes kick off with Deep Sleep by The Menzingers. This episode also closes with chat about Farmhouse by Phish. Early on, they dig into the top podcasts out there. Later, they discuss adults of today compared to previous generations. Are adults these days just grown up kids? That leads to a conversation about the quality of fast food restaurants. Roughly midway through the show, the dudes go over some news. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they discuss a Huffington Post article about what Dr. King would be concerned with if he were with us today. The dudes also delve into an MLK tweet sent out by the Seattle Seahawks organization. Also, they chat about legendary coach Mike Ditka's comments about football.

#098: So Much Better Than 'The Talk'

DIAR Episode #098
Download MP3 here

The dudes launch into this episode with a trippy version of the Kelis classic "Milkshake," as in "brings all the boys to the yard." This one is jam-packed with topics. They rant about Jennifer Lawrence and her newfound "singing" career. Has she given us the modern-day "Tom's Diner?" Hang in there for a rant on TV's worst show, The Talk. News articles include cheap oil, smaller soda, and whistleblowers. The dudes also give their take on Adam Carolla letting go side-kick Alison Rosen. They eventually get into all of the online scams out there. Stay tuned until the end to catch the Internet dating phone call from hell.

Monday, January 12, 2015

#097: Commentary - Pee Wee's Big Adventure

DIAR Episode #097
Download MP3 here

Watch along as the dudes chat over the Tim Burton and Paul Reubens classic Pee Wee's Big Adventure. The 1985 movie is remembered as campy to some, and a cult hit for others. Thirty years after its release, the guys recall the flick's role during their childhoods. At the time of this podcast's release, the movie was available on Netflix.

#096: Je Suis Charlie

DIAR Episode #096
Download MP3 here

Mike flys solo for the first time in this episode. With the usual dudes sitting out this time, he experiments with the show's usual format and feel. The podcast opens with a sort of Marc Maron style monologue. Eventually, the inner journalist comes out and Mike covers the latest news. Softening the blow with some speculation about a certain item from Back to the Future II, he gets into something much heavier. The news of the day is dominated by the Charlie Hebdo attack in France. The show is filled with clips from the likes of Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien, Rachel Maddow, and more. The episode begins with Eric Carmen's All By Myself, and ends with Ed Sheeran's I See Fire.

#095: Coming in 2015 (Movies, Music, and Back To The Future Predictions)

DIAR Episode #095
Download MP3 here

The dudes look ahead to what's to come in the new year, 2015. They talk movies, music, and more. Remember the bold future predicted by the movie Back To The Future II? The dudes take a closer look at those predictions. Music talk consists of The Bangles, Halestorm, the Decemberists, and Bjork.

#094: Netflix Suggestions

DIAR Episode #094
Download MP3 here

This episode begins with the tunes of Haim, prompting a discussion. The dudes then get into a conversation on television and movie selections.

Nerd-cast (Special Edition) - Zombies

DIAR Episode
Download MP3 here

Joey and Jami start the show with talk of nerd relations for some reason. Then the discussion turns to Dane Cook's "Weird Guy at Work" bit. The main topic of the show centers on all things zombie- The Walking Dead, World War Z, Resident Evil, and more.

#093: Commentary - The Cable Guy

DIAR Episode #093
Download MP3 here

The Dudes In A Room crew watch and comment on the 1996 comedy The Cable Guy. Directed by Ben Stiller, it stars Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick.

#092: Festivus For The Rest Of Us

DIAR Episode #092
Download MP3 here

The dudes get into the Christmas spirit, recalling the 90s and Seinfeld.

#091: News You're Tired Of Hearing

DIAR Episode #091
Download MP3 here

The episode kicks off with the debut of Pets Corner with Teddy and Bruce. The opening song is a punk cover of the Lorde hit Royals. Eventually they touch on a few of the latest topics in the news, including the ongoing accusations of Bill Cosby. The dudes also weigh-in on the controversies dominating the news lately.