The Dudes In A Room

The Dudes In A Room
Chris, Mike, Joey and Teddy

Monday, July 21, 2014

#060: Weird Al, Aubrey Plaza, and Hipster Music

DIAR Episode #060
Download MP3 here

The podcast starts with a parody of a public radio interview with a hipster band member. The dudes chat about Keane in the show's kickoff. Then the conversation turns to the musical stylings of Bon Iver and Skrillex. Eventually, they get to the majesty of the great Weird Al Yankovic. The dudes also debate the merits of Aubrey Plaza. Somehow breastaurants like Hooters and Twin Peaks enter the conversation. Later, they talk about Shaq's era as Shaq Diesel. Former football star Kyle Turley reinvents himself as a musician. The episode comes full circle with more Keane.

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