The Dudes In A Room

The Dudes In A Room
Chris, Mike, Joey and Teddy

Thursday, April 24, 2014

#037: People From High School (Nikki Minaj, Tipping, and RVs)

DIAR Episode #037

Download MP3 here

The episode launches to the sounds of Radiohead. Early on, the dudes discuss the process of choosing music for the podcast. They then introduce a rather interesting version of the Miley Cyrus hit We Can't Stop. Their musical journey eventually moves into the infamous Nikki Minaj Super Bass cover by Sophia Grace Brownlee (See YouTube video here:

The conversation then turns to minimum wage jobs and tipping waiters and other service workers. Somehow, they end up talking about Fiat cars. Later, the dudes try to make financial sense of buying and maintaining a recreational vehicle.

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