The Dudes In A Room

The Dudes In A Room
Chris, Mike, Joey and Teddy

Friday, March 14, 2014

#026: Part 2 of Dudes In The Country (Texas Hill Country, San Antonio, and Austin)

DIAR Episode #026

Download MP3 here

More than midway through their Texas-sized trip, the dudes provide a quick update on their ride through the Texas Hill Country. They go over a few of the quaint towns they visited, such as Johnson City, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and Marble Falls. One of the highlights was learning of the German Texan culture. Of course, that meant partaking in some German beer and cuisine. They give a hat tip to their awesome waitress at the Auslander in historic Fredericksburg for offering so many helpful tips. Plus, they go over their trip to Austin in the midst of the South By Southwest Festival. Coincidentally, they ran into the pod-father himself, Adam Carolla, during a Mangria signing at Spec's. Not only did they get to shake hands with their hero, they also chatted and posed for a snapshot with the Aceman. Technical note: the audio was clipped at the end of this episode, but we'll pick up where we left off in the next show. We didn't want to trash the whole episode because of a minor issue.

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