The Dudes In A Room

The Dudes In A Room
Chris, Mike, Joey and Teddy

Sunday, February 23, 2014

#17: Pretty Politics (S.E. Cupp, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin)

DIAR Episode #017

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S.E. Cupp
How did the Meredith Brooks song Bitch get Chris and Joey's class in trouble? Cool story, bro. The trip down memory lane turns to classic video games. Eventually, the dudes take on the lovely political pundit S.E. Cupp. Yowza. Could she be both brains and beauty? Conservative commentator Ann Coulter comes into the conversation as well. What about Sarah Palin being plucked from Alaska? The dudes then talk presidential politics, referencing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Later, they discuss the documentary Hot Coffee. The dudes also go off on schools.

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