The Dudes In A Room

The Dudes In A Room
Chris, Mike, Joey and Teddy

Sunday, February 23, 2014

#016: Dream Of The 90s (Hipsters, Hockey, and Peggy Scott Adams)

DIAR Episode #016

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Catherine Tate
This one starts with the Peggy Scott Adams hit Bill, a throwback from the 90s. Somehow that takes a turn to the Beatles. And, eventually, the conversation meanders to Morgan Fairchild. Plus, you guessed it...Morgan Freeman. The lovely Catherine Tate comes up as well. Later, the dudes recall some of the greatest finishes in football, including the Millsaps multiple lateral touchdown and the Music City Miracle. They also explore the tarnished legacy of Leon Lett. Eventually, they chat about the world of Canadian football and hockey. Eventually, they dig into the IFC series Portlandia and the Dream Of The 90s song. The epic Aubrey Plaza gets her due as well. Was Chris a hipster before it was a thing? The dudes discuss what it means to be a hipster. Also, Mike rants about his junk computer.

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